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Jason Alexander Says ‘Women Hated Me For Sexually Assaulting Julia Roberts’ In A Scene! Got Punched By Many Women’s!

Jason Alexander, The most Hated Men
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The 7 Times Nominee of Primetime Emmy Awards Jason Alexander has a bad story to share. However, the actor-comedian personality got hit by Women Not for misbehaving but for a role he played In the Movie. The Movie Pretty Woman has left scars on Jason Alexander’s mind. As he is being abused for the role, he played on screen. You might be wondering what was part all about. However, keeping it simple, the Character was all about a person who Tries To molest the famous Julia Roberts. It’s sad to learn that he still faces criticism for something which he did in reel life—however, there’s more to this story. Hence let us move ahead and learn more about the same.

Jason Alexander, The most Hated Men

Jason Alexander, The most Hated Men
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Women In America hate Jason Alexander because of the role He played in the movie called ‘Pretty Woman.” However, The Name of the film was Pretty Women, and it didn’t turn out to be Pretty For Alexander. He played the role of Philip Stuckey who was, an attorney of Businessman named Gere’s. There is a particular scene in a movie where He was supposed to assault Julia Roberts sexually, who played the lead role. Further, Gere had to save Julia from the clutches of Philip and throw him out of the room.


The scene was all set, and Philip played his role exceptionally well. Now the problem arises when The Movie got released, and people watched it on Big screens. Many Women assumed that Alexander is the same kind of guy in Real Life and should be punished for his behaviour he did with Julia Roberts. However, in my knowledge, people must not have reacted in such a way, and after all, it was just a movie scene.

Jason Alexander Gets Punched By A Women

Jason Alexander, The most Hated Men
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The Seinfeld Tv Series Actor badly got punched by a woman in his face while he was out with his friends. He calls it a Worse Experience. It was no less than a Nightmare, to him. Moreover, Alexander stated that people wherein mostly women used to spit on him as they considered him as the rapist who tried to assault Julia Roberts in a Scene Sexually. He says that the film has paid him off but created a wrong impression in the mind of Ladies.

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