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Jason Bateman: Emmy Mistakenly Announced Jason Bateman As A Best Guest Actor

Emmy Mess Up-Announce Jason Bateman As The Best Guest Actor

Jason Bateman: On Friday (September 19) night, the virtual 2020 Emmy made its first mistake during the Creative Arts ceremony. They erroneously named the wrong Outstanding Guest Star winner in a Drama Series during the announcement. The entire drama gave viewers immediate flashbacks to the 2017 Oscars. ‘La La Land’ was wrongly named as the best picture winner when it actually belonged to ‘Moonlight’.

Jason Bateman mistakenly announced Emmy Winner
Jason Bateman mistakenly announced Emmy Winner.

‘Ozark’ star Jason Bateman was promoted as a winner for ‘The Outsider’ on the fifth night of innovative virtual Emmys, but the card shows Ron Cephas Jones as a winner for ‘This Is Us’.

The name of Cephas Jones appeared on the screen. However, the voiceover proclaimed Bateman the winner for his guest appearance on “The Outsider.”

The conflicting messages caused confusion with one tweeting was it Jason Bateman or Cephas Johnes?

“Technical Glitch”

Creative Arts Emmy technical glitch: Screen says Ron Cephas Jones wins for drama guest actor, voiceover says Jason Bateman. Whoops,” another wrote.

The error was rectified after an advert break when a message appeared on the screen reading:

“Our apologies, an incorrect winner has been announced. We’re fixing it now. Please don’t go away.”

The official Academy of Television later confirmed Cephas Jones’ victory. By showing Ron’s name and picture on the screen again, but without a voiceover this time.

A spokesman later explained that it was simply an ‘editing problem’ to the news agency. They declared the right winner, and it was the right slate, but the voiceover was wrong.

Cephas Jones previously won in 2018 for This Is Us. This year’s victory is special for a good reason. His daughter, Hamilton star Jasmine, received an acting award at Emmys earlier this week. She received it for herΒ  FreeRayshawn role on Quibi.

This makes them the first father-daughter duo in Emmy history to win in the same year.

Speaking about their wins, Ron Cephas Jones said

β€œAs a parent that’s the most fulfilling that I could ever feel at the moment. Winning another Emmy is the icing on the cake, but to see my daughter progress and move into this place where she’s earned an Emmy is beyond words and I tear up every time I think about it.”

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