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Jason Derulo Shared A Clip ‘Knocks Out’ Wills Teeth With Golf Club

Will helped Jason to improve his golf swing

Jason Derulo golf lesson took a shocking turn. He shared a video on Tik Tok on Sunday showing what happened to 51-year-old actor Will Smith while help him improve his golf swing.
Will Smith, teeth were cleaned out by Jason while practising golf club when the singer Jason took a swing.
Will is showing his golf techniques to Jason he instructs him to bend his knees a little bit.
Then Will came forward for a final adjustment and said wait, hold up, don’t swing yet! Till then Jason takes a swing with his club.

Jason Derulo

Will Smith shared a video.

Jason Derulo 30 years old singer after hitting the Will walk on silently, but Will Smith makes him stay and said: “It’s my turn.”
While on video clip when Will saying it’s my turn, it’s my turn I only need one swing, Derylo reply that β€œPut some ice on that,”.
He then set up his swing and let it go and hit Derulo between his leg. Smith hit the Derulo on his leg.
Smith shared a video of this with the caption “, And we never saw @jasonderulo again”.
Jason commented back ” I’ll know the good dentist text me back”.
And Jason captioned the clip as he doesn’t like this game anymore.

Jason Derulo posted a photo.

Jason Derulo posted the photo of Will Smith with showing off his new smile and captioned the post, “He’s finally embarrassed his new smile @willsmith See my last post”.
Will replied by posting the same photo with the caption, ” I gotta stop [email protected] over”.

Meanwhile, it is not cleared that the clip shared by Jason was true or fake. The video is concluded by with Smith getting his own back and hitting Derulo with the golf club.

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