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Jeannie Mai Doesnโ€™t Want To โ€˜Dominate’ Jeezy: โ€˜I Want To Submit To My Manโ€™

Jeezy and Jeannie Mai Gregory
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Jeannie Mai Doesnโ€™t Want To โ€˜Dominate’ Jeezy: โ€˜I Want To Submit To My Manโ€™: Jeannie Mai has expressed her desire and role that she wanted to play in her marriage life with finance Jeezy.

Jeannie Mai Want To Submit To Her Man

On September 7th, Wednesday while co-hosting the Real. The 41-year-old declared that โ€œSo, Iโ€™m gonna say right here that I, Jeannie Mai, going into my marriage, I want to submit to my man,”.

Jeezy and Jeannie Mai Gregory
Source: etonline.com

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Further adding she clarified, โ€œLet me explain. When I hear this definition โ€ฆ submitting has a negative connotation. It means that you are less important, you are lower than that person that youโ€™re submitting to. It usually can be like, you know, referenced as somebody who works lower than you and thatโ€™s not what Iโ€™m referring to here.โ€

in November 2018, Mia started dating Jeezy, [Jay Wayne Jenkins].

The How Do I Look? the host revealed that sheโ€™s โ€œa very dominant womanโ€ who runs her own business and teams. Also, she likes to make every โ€œdecisionsโ€ in her career and other areas of her life. But, she finds the idea of coming home to a man who โ€œleadsโ€ their household amusing.

Mai said, โ€œThat doesnโ€™t mean that in this case Jay makes all the decisions for us. That doesnโ€™t mean that when he says, โ€˜How are we spending our money?โ€™ or โ€˜Where are we moving?โ€™ that I just say, โ€˜Yes, sirโ€™ or โ€˜Yes, your honor,โ€™ Like, itโ€™s not that,โ€ she said. โ€œItโ€™s a, โ€˜You know what? I think that we would do best here, I want to do this,โ€™ and he takes the decision. He formulates it with our overall vision, and he leads us and I like to submit to that.โ€

The Dancing With The Star, contestant continued, โ€œI donโ€™t want to lead in our household and in our marriage. I want him to lead, and I have all the essence of what I bring as a wife to make that decision, but that I love that my husband will be the man that leads. I like that structure in a marriage and I look forward to that because, girls โ€” itโ€™s tiring being the boss of me. Itโ€™s tiring leading all the time in my life.โ€

Family Role In ‘How Do I Look?’ย Host Decision

Mai even revealed how she had formed thus opinion on lifeโ€”acknowledging the fact that her family had played a significant roleโ€”further indicating that her family upbringing has played a part in her overall decision.

Jeannie Mai Doesnโ€™t Want to โ€˜Dominate' Jeezy: โ€˜I Want to Submit to My Manโ€™
Source: etonline.com

Giving the example of her, she explained, that her mother was โ€œa powerful forceโ€ and โ€œtook over a lot of decisions in the household,โ€. As a result, her father allowed her mother to lead. Which resulted, โ€œcausing a wedgeโ€ between her parents and she too โ€œhave that tendencyโ€ to take over the decision-making as her mother did.

She confessed, โ€œI saw in my living space, I would all of a sudden just wake up and go and make decisions without asking and checking in,โ€. She continued, โ€œSo, I am the fault that can cause an inequality because I am pulling in my habits from my old household to how I run my business today. And that is not OK, and Iโ€™m careful and aware of that today.”

Mai Ex-husband and Current Fianceรฉ

In 2007, the TV personality was married to actor Freddy Harteis. After ten years of marriage, the former couple decided to go their ways. In 2017, they announced their split and the divorce was finalised by 2018.

After this, in November 2018, Mia started dating Jeezy, [Jay Wayne Jenkins]. In April, the โ€œSoul Survivorโ€ rapper decided to step ahead and proposed to her. During the coronavirus pandemic quarantine situation, the couple got engaged.

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In May, Mia revealed to Entertainment Tonight that, “Honestly, right now thatโ€™s not at the top of our lists. Weโ€™re so happy weโ€™re able to celebrate an engagement right now.โ€ Revealing that the couple were talking about marriage.

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