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Jeffree Star MAKING OUT with New boyfriend Andre Marhold! While Andre Marhold lied to his wife about the work Trip

Andre Marhold's girlfriend on the picture with Jeffree star
Andre Marhold's girlfriend on the picture with Jeffree star

Jeffree Star, an American entrepreneur, makeup artist and a YouTuber is rumoured to be in relationship with Andre Marhold. To which Andrews ex-girlfriend, who is also the mother of Andrews child, is in shock and have registered her statement. Lets us taken an in-depth look at Jeffree star and his flings with rumoured bf Andre Marhold.

Who are Jeffree star and everything about his career

Andre Marhold’s girlfriend on the picture with Jeffree star

American entrepreneur, well know YouTuber and a makeup Jeffery star was born on November 15 1985. Moreover he is the founder and sole owner of brand named “Jeffree stars makeup”. The artist seemed to star his career in 2009. With a studio album called ‘beauty killer’.

Further, he worked with Nicki Minaj in a music album called’ lollipop luxury’. He was named as ‘next lady gaga’ by the famous singer, rapper and producer Akon. Unfortunately due to complications and consequences, Jeffree had to leave the music industry.

Hence since then, he decided to never go back in the music industry. Jeffrey started fresh and came up with his company named ‘Jeffrey stars makeup’ which solely belongs to him. Being an influencer and a makeup artist Jeffrey used social networking sites for the promotions of his brand and art.

Therefore the YouTuber made a huge earning through social networking websites and youtube channel.
Moreover, his youtube channel earning a range of around $18 million, which makes him 4th highest-paid YouTuber in the world.

Stars youtube channel mostly consist of makeup tutorials and showcasing of his brands. His youtube channel has 17.3 million subscribers from all over the world.

Jeffree star dating history and controversies

Andre Marhold’s girlfriend on the picture with Jeffree star

Jeffre star had dated many people back in the days when he was not well known or recognized. However, he started dating Nathan Schwandt in the year 2015. Its is also rumoured that the stars and his bf have broken up in 2020. And as a result, are not living together. Stars is a chain smoker and are said to have a habit of doing drugs. He once said that he doesn’t consume alcohol. However, he tweeted about having vodka often.

Jeffree stars dating Andre Marhold after the breakup with Nathan Schwandt?

The Jeffree star recently shared an Instagram post which had Andre Marhold in it. However, fans are confused about the post uploaded by Jeffree star. People call it fake because Jeffrey is trying to build up his image after getting caught into a racist comment.

Jeffery once made a racist comment back in the days and had to face the consequences. His contract with Morphe make up is taken back over stars word. However, he ignored peoples comment. It is said that he pays people to be with him in a relationship. And this is what he did with black man Andre Marhold to build up his defamed image.

Andre Marhold’s girlfriend on the picture with Jeffree star

Jeffree star
Jeffree star

Marhold is a father the child he has with his ex-girlfriend. Her ex-girlfriend reacted to the picture by saying “It [was] just humiliating for me because my family called me, my friend from France called me. Everybody was blowing up my phone, so I couldn’t [go on] my phone.

I trusted him because he said he was going there for work. Then, you know, I tried to communicate with him, but it was just like hard to. So, from this day until now, we’ve had, like, no communication.” Moreover, she is devastated over the news of him being with Jeffree star.

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