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Jen Disparaged Brad Pitt After A Steamy Photoshoot With Angelina!

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Jen Disparaged Brad Pitt After A Steamy Photoshoot With Angelina!:Β Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s fairytale love was an inspiration to all. Having said that, when the news of Brad’s affair with Angelina, and their divorce came out, it was a huge blow for many of us.

Jen, despite being private was heartbroken and couldn’t contain herself when seven months after her divorce with Brad, he and Angelina did a ‘steamy photoshoot.’

Jen’s Interview

When Jen and Brad got divorced, Brad was keen on his word that he did not cheat on Jen. However, seven months after their divorce, Brad, and Angelina posed up for a steamy photoshoot.

At that time, Jen was due to be interviewed by Vanity Fair, and they asked her to take on the photo shoot. While talking about the photo shoot, Jen said that she didn’t know Brad had conceptualised the project and was making a profit from it. She said:

“Is it odd timing? Yeah. But it’s not my life. He makes his choices. He can do whatever. We are divorced, and you can see why.”

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She also added:

“I can also imagine Brad having no clue why people would be appalled by it. Brad is not mean-spirited; he would never intentionally try to rub something in my face. In hindsight, I can see him going- Oh I can see that this was inconsiderate. But, I know Brad. Brad would say- That’s art!”

Jen then said something which summed up her feelings on Brad. She bluntly said:

“There’s a sensitivity chip that’s missing.”

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The Photoshoot!

To talk about the photoshoot, it was a 60-page spread in W magazine with Angelina. The concept was a collaboration between Brad and Steven Klein, a photographer. He conducted the shoot when Angelina and Brad were in the midst of an affair.

In the photoshoot, Brad and Angelina presented themselves as husband and wives who take care of their adorable brood of children. In some pictures, we could see Brad carrying Angelina to bed, dancing cheek to cheek in a racy shot and Angelina lying topless as she clambered upon Brad.

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The SAGs

After almost a decade of keeping their distance, Jen and Brad finally met at the Screen Actors Guild Awards i-e the SAG Awards. When they met, the duo quickly hugged and kissed each other on the cheek. It almost reminded us of the old Jen and Brad while they were married.

Jen and Brad at SAG awards
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After what could’ve been their 20th wedding anniversary on 29th July, when the fans saw them during the SAG awards, they couldn’t help but feel a romantic reconciliation between them.

Moreover, we also noticed Jen and Brad looking at each other with utmost love when either of them received the award.

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