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Jenelle Evans Dumps David Eason For Killing And Eating Their Family Pet Goat!

David Eason Killed & Ate his Pet Goat

Jenelle Evans Dumps David Eason For Killing And Eating Their Family Pet Goat!: The Eason Family has always been in News for their inhumane behaviour. Recently David Eason named as “Mad Man” by people online killed their family goat. However, this is not the first that he Eason is doing such immoral behaviour. Eason even did worse. However, people say that Jenelle got separated from David as he ate their pet goat. Hence let us move ahead with the topic and learn more about Eason and Jenelle.

David Eason Killed & Ate his Pet Goat

David Eason Killed & Ate his Pet Goat
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Recently David Killed their family pet Goat because he was craving for a lump of meat that day. Undoubtedly he is a mad man and can do anything. Last year he shoots his german shepherd because his daughter was not happy with him. Supposedly the reason behind shooting their pet dog was that the dog tried to bite Ensley. However, David also posted an Instagram picture of him eating the Goat.

He wrote that this is my Pet goat Elvis and it tastes delicious. I feel like everyone should eat goats daily. And my Elvis tastes super good, and I love it. He even shared the video of goats cut head to make people believe that he’s eating Goat.

David Eason And Jenelle Evans To Get Divorced?

David Eason Killed & Ate his Pet Goat
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Jenelle got pissed over the fact that her husband Killed their family pet goat named Elvis. Elvis was just a year old, and this hurts her even more. She is aware that David is a psychopath and can do anything to her and her children. Moreover, she feels Unsafe around him due to his psychopathic behaviour. However, Jenelle shared an Instagram picture, petting some goats on a farm. As a result, this might be the indication that she is thinking of getting separated, but the News isn’t official yet. However, we can only predict and wait until the official announcement.

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About Jenelle Evans

David Eason Killed & Ate his Pet Goat

Jenelle Evans is a TV personality born on 19 December 1991. She did an MTV show named “Teen Mom 2” & “16 and pregnant”. Jenelle married Andrew Lewis and gave birth to son Jace. Later the couple got separated and then she married Courtland Rogers. But this marriage didn’t work out for her.

She gave birth to a second son named ” Kaiser Orion Griffith” With boyfriend-then Nathan Griffith. Being tired of divorce she finally got married to David Eason in 2017 and has a daughter named “Ensley”. Jenelle’s career is over because her husband shot and killed their pet dog since then MTV never allowed her to work with them.

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