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Jennifer Aniston: A glimpse at Jennifer Aniston friends list!

One of the most admired people in the world, Jennifer Aniston is a popular celebrity. She is an American actress who has gained a prestigious position in the industry. Been on the silver screen for years has acquired her a fan following of millions of people. She received various awards through the years of her career. She is one of the highest-paid actresses because of her remarkable acting skills.

Impact of FRIENDS on Aniston’s life

The American sitcom FRIENDS was a major surge in her career. She played the role of Rachel Green in the show. The actress’s name still appears on the top when it comes to discussing friendships. Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston played BFFs in the show. Therefore, the two possess similar friendship in real life too.Β 

A list of Jennifer Aniston’s friends

Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston played onscreen BFFs for 10 years. They are an important part of each other’s lives and hold a lovely connection. Aniston is the godmother of Cox’s daughter, Cocoa. Besides this, Aniston wanted Cox to be her maid of honour in her marriage with Justin Theroux. The pair celebrates their birthdays and other special occasions together for several years.

Sandra Bullock

Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock have a mutual ex-boyfriend Tate Donovan. The two are friends for years now and have attended various dinner parties together. Recently, Aniston wished Bullock on her 56th birthday. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the duo took care of maintaining the required distance. Moreover, Aniston posted a photo in her story celebrating her friend’s birthday.

Justin Theroux

Aniston dated Justin Theroux in 2011 and got engaged with him a year later. The two married each other in 2015. But the couple divorced in 2017. Even after getting separated, the bond between the two is great. They celebrate each other’s birthdays and even meet at Thanksgiving dinners.

Reese Witherspoon

Witherspoon and Aniston have known each other for years. They both star in Morning Show at present. In 2000, Witherspoon played the role of Aniston’s sister in the popular show FRIENDS.

Rita Wilson

Rita Wilson and Jennifer Aniston have many times invited each other for dinner parties and had fun together. Wilson and her husband even double-dated with Aniston and Theroux.

Aniston’s other friends include Laura Dern, Jimmy Kimmel, Chelsea Handler, Jason Bateman, Andrea Bendewald, Chris MacMillan and Jennifer Meyer.

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