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Jennifer Aniston Gets Close To Brad Pitt Amid Divorce Drama With Angelina Jolie !

Brad and Jennifer
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Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie’s Relationship Goes Further Downhill

Jennifer Aniston: And here it is again. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are again in the news. If you are one of the Brangelina fans, then there is some bad news. Apparently, things have gotten worse between the two, and this time it has reached its lowest point. Ever since their divorce, the two have kept themselves tight-lipped through most of the part. The only thing that brings them together is their children. If they had not got a divorce, the two have been celebrating six years of marriage by now. Unfortunately, they never went ahead after 2 years.

Brad and Angelina
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What Is The Reason Behind The Souring Relationship Between Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie

Ironically enough, the reason that binds them together is the reason that is making it worse between the two. Their kids are the reason for their latest fight. Apparently, even after their divorce, the two are legally fighting for the custody of kids that is currently with Angelina. In the recent developments in the case, Angelina requested for removal of a private judge after she learned that Brad’s legal team had a business relationship with the judge. However, Brad has accused her of delaying the proceedings unnecessarily.

Are Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt Getting Close

The Jennifer-Brad-Angelina love triangle is like a teen drama. Every time one relationship goes haywire, the other relationship starts getting better. Now that Angelina and Brad’s relationship is getting cold, looks like things are heating up between him and Jennifer. Everyone knows that Jennifer and Brad are good friends even though the two divorced many years ago. Ever since they acknowledged and talked to each other in an award ceremony, people are speculating that they two may even get back together now that Angelina is out of the picture.

Has Jennifer Aniston Lend Her Support To Brad Pitt

Ever since the new developments in the legal battle, sources close to him say that he is very stressed. However, sources also revealed that Jennifer has reached out to Brad as she knows he might be stressed. These recent developments have reportedly improved the relationship between Jennifer and Brad and the two are closer than ever.

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