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Jennifer Aniston: It’s Not A JOKE Do Not Vote For Kanye West

This is no joke, but yes Jennifer Aniston slammed Kanye West in her recent Instagram post. She insisted her fans to not vote to for Kanye. Check out everything you need to know about it.

Jennifer Aniston’s Controversial Post

Jennifer Aniston is the A-listed Hollywood actress who got immense fame for her fantastic performance in Friends. Aniston is not just a famous actress but is also known to be pretty vocal about the political issues in society.


Jennifer Aniston yesterday, took to her Instagram where she posted a picture of her near the ballot. She showed her fans that is went to vote for the presidential race. In the photo, we can see Jn wearing a mask. She never fails to educate her fans for the right.

Picture via Instagram

She captioned the picture saying that she finally voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to win 2020 presidential race. Jennifer wrote a long message along saying that she voted Biden and Harris because she thinks the country is now divided more than ever and to eradicate that we need a leader who is not racist.


However, this is not what has got the fans tripping. In her caption, she mentioned something very controversial. She wrote β€˜please don’t vote for Kanye West, it is not a joke please be responsible’. She insisted her fans not to vote for West and be responsible enough.


Soon after she uploaded the picture, it went viral on social media. Thousands of people supported Jen and her decision, whereas some had a different reaction. Kanye and Jen never really had a problem in the past. However, it is assumed that the iconic star wants the best for the country. What do you think about it?

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