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Jennifer Aniston Slams Kanye West, Says ’Don’t Vote For Kanye West’

What is happening? Jennifer Aniston, the iconic Hollywood superstar who stays a little bit away from the problems, is the one creating this time. Aniston recently took her Instagram to warn people not to vote for musician Kanye West. Check out everything you need to know about it.

Jennifer Aniston Doesn’t Want Kanye Win.

Jennifer Aniston is the A-listed Hollywood actress who got immense fame for her series Friends. She is also known to be the ex-wife of Brad Pitt. Aniston isn’t the one who stays away from the drama. However, this time she didn’t stay quiet.


Aniston yesterday, posted a picture on her Instagram handle. In the photo, she was seen putting her vote in the ballot. She captioned the picture mentioning that she has finally registered her vote. She insists every American citizen vote as well.

Picture via Instagram

However, this is not what has got the fans tripping. In her caption, she didn’t just ask people to vote. But she even pleaded people against the famous musician Kanye West. Aniston mentions ‘P.S – Don’t Vote For Kanye West, this is no joke guys.’


With this, she even revealed that she had registered her vote for Joe Biden. And shoes immense support for Biden. She insisted her millions of fans to not vote for Kanye West. However, fans have mixed reactions.


Soon after she uploaded the picture, it went viral on social media. Thousands of people supported Jen and her decision, whereas some had a different reaction. Kanye and Jen never really had a problem in the past. However, it is assumed that the iconic star wants the best for the country. What do you think about it?

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