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Jennifer Aniston’s Facialist Gives 3 Skincare Rules To Get The ‘Rachel Green’ Glow!

Jennifer Aniston’s Facialist Gives 3 Skincare Rules To Get The ‘Rachel Green’ Glow!: Joanna Czech gives you the three skincare rules to get a glow like Jennifer Aniston. The facialist Joanna reveals the best way to get an instant Jennifer Aniston glow from the comfort of your home.

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When it comes to facials, it’s always the parlour that we look up for but not anymore. You can get near-clinic-quality results in your home comfort with your hands. All you need to understand is the best formulation to penetrate your deep pores and give your instant glow.

Joanna has been attending to people for almost 35 years; currently, she is a US-based facialist and skincare expert. She has a long list of celebrity including Jennifer Aniston.

She presents to you her golden rules for a fantastic skincare-home routine.

Dough Massage: Massage Your Muscles Like A Dough

According to Czech, the massaging [technique] is the most of a facial. It’s all about digging into the muscles and grasping it- treating the facial muscles like dough.

Also, this will create a micro-swelling in the muscles, allowing the flow of blood into your face. The blood will carry oxygen to your skin, giving it a bright look. With the swelling, the cream you apply later will penetrate deep into your skin, cause if the skin being warm.

When you are doing a home facial, Czech recommends you to stretch your chest front, shoulder-to-shoulder and on either of the sides massaging the spine, as far as you can extend.

Source: Vogue

Then scalp and massage the trapezius muscle (along the often-tense sides of the neck down to shoulders) for better results and relaxation.

Joanna prefers using her unique facial tool for help. A “Facial Massager”, created by herself. It helps to get hold of the skin and the muscles, helping to meltdown tension, while intimidating get hand movements.

To de-puff, firm and boost glow, start from the centre and go to the edges of the face, ending the movement on the lymph nodes of your temples and behind the ears. For better results, don’t roll it back and forward but always in the same direction.

Source: Vogue

The Nipple Care For The Start

Joanna doesn’t support only face attention; you aren’t doing the facial right if it’s the face you feel is essential. Her motto is simple, ‘start from the nipples and end on the hairline.’ no matter if it’s morning or evening, cleaning or moisturizer.

Source: Vogue

According to her, the ageing is more visible in 80-70 per cent cases in the décolleté, before being visible on the face. So it’s essential to take proper care of the décolleté.

The use of the same serums, moisturizer and treatment, should be applied on the décolleté, as on the face. There cleansing should always be done down the bust, the same way it’s done on the front.

Skin Is A Sponge, Treat It Similar

When you are considered the skin to be a dough while massaging then naturally you will accept your skin as a sponge. It is the key, which enables you to understand better.

In other words, observing your skin under a microscope, 10,000 times magnification, yo notice the fat tissue and collagen fibres underneath as well as different layers, similar to a sponge.

To get the product into the skin, Joanna performs a press and release moment. That’s the way you need to apply the product, first press the skin, so it opens up then, and as the work gets released, it gets absorbed by the skin, similar to a sponge.

Whether it’s a toner, essence or serum, spread your product over skin. Later press it in slowly, releasing, and then gently tapping the skin with fingertips to ensure everything is absorbed. When you are done, you can go for another layer.

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