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Jennifer Aniston’s Friend Courtney Cox Revealed the Real Reason for Brad and Jennifer’s Split

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston got married in 2000 after dating for 2 years. In 2005 the two got divorced. According to the source, the reason for the split was that the two could barely spend time with one another. They were so busy with their schedule that they could hardly get any time for one another. According to some other sources, the lack of intimacy was also one reason for the spilt of the two.


In 2004, after the end of the last season of Friends, Jennifer was very emotional since with was struggling a lot to keep up with the marriage. But things just got worse with time and Brad during his ‘Mr, and Mrs Smith’ got close to Angelina Jolie. He would spend more time with her. Jen was aware of everything and pleaded Brad to not end their marriage.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s Ugly Past.

Nothing really worked. But then things got even worse when Jen’s friend Cox revealed that Angelina was one reason for the spilt but before that Brad got attracted to his co-actor Lara. He was so much attracted to her that he would even talk about her to his then-wife Jennifer. The final call was apparently taken by Brad; he ended the relationship saying he wanted to find himself as a single man. Though after the spilt he didn’t stay single for long and was spotted many times with Angelina.


He then got married to Angelina and announced he was expecting his first child with her. This shrank Jen’s heart even more. But she says ‘when u r usually attracted to someone else, u don’t tell your partner. But Brad also told me, he was always honest to me and I appreciate him for that’. However, Jen didn’t get married to anyone for the next 10 years after the split with Brad Pitt.
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