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Jennifer Lawrence Confronts Anderson Cooper Against His Cheap Comment!

Jennifer Lawernce Confronts Anderson Cooper
source: Spontac News

The Oscar-Winning Actress Jennifer Lawrence confronted The CNN Head journalist Anderson Cooper for his Cheap comment on the stage fall. As a result, the actress is disappointed and helpless over the same. Moreover, she never expected Cooper to react in such a pathetic way against an incident that was spontaneous and highly unintentional. Whereas she even called up Anderson and expressed her opinions on the same. Hence let us move ahead with the topic and learn more about the subject.

The Stage Fall Scene Of Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawernce Confronts Anderson Cooper
source: Dailymotion

The Silver Linings Playbook Lead Actress responded to CNN’s Journalist Anderson Cooper against his comment. The story started when Lawrence won the Academy Award for the best actress for the romantic film Silver Linings Playbook for her performance as a depressed young widow. As soon as her name was announced, the actress was shocked and enthusiastic at the same time. While walking up on the stage to receive the awards, she slipped down the stairs.


However, she anyhow managed to get up and walk again on the stage. At the same time, her mind went all blank due to embarrassment. The actress took the award and went ahead with the speech she prepared. She started by saying that she is embarrassed after the fall and has forgotten the thanksgiving speech. As a result, she was happy, but a bit embarrassed after she walked down the stage to be back on her seat. Just after the day, CNN journalist Anderson Cooper made an Ugly comment over the unintentional fall. He says that the Academy Award for the best actress winner faked the fall to gain attention.

Jennifer Lawrence Confronts Anderson Cooper

Jennifer Lawernce Confronts Anderson Cooper
source: Code List

Lawrence replied Anderson Cooper, saying that he made the incident even more embarrassing for her after calling it fake and planned. It was the most hurting moment for her to hear it from a well-matured Journalist who’s serving at CNN For a long time now. Later she called up Cooper and expressed the disappointment. According to sources, Cooper realised his mistake and apologised to the actress. And it is believed that the issue is solved and there are no more conflicts between them.

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