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Jennifer, Lisa, And Courtney Do A Mini-Reunion Encouraging The US Citizens To Vote !

Lisa, Courtney And Jennifer
Source: Instagram

Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, And Lisa Kudrow Come Together For A Mini-Reunion

The three leading ladies from the iconic TV series Friends came together for a mini-reunion. However, this was not to shoot for some episode or any commercial purpose. The trio came together to remind the people of the US that everyone must remember to vote. Lisa Kudrow posted a picture along with the two. However, the caption carried the important message. She said through the caption, β€œFriends don’t let Friends skip elections. Text FRIENDS to 26797 to make sure you are registered. And tag your friends below to remind them to check their registration.”

Lisa, Courtney And Jennifer
Source: Instagram

The Unlucky Fate Of Friends Reunion Episode

Friends is not an ordinary sitcom. It has managed to increase its fan base with time. Any person from the 2000s can easily connect with the six protagonists who live in the same building in awfully large flats. With the last episode coming in 2004, fans were not able to get over the show. Even after watching the episodes multiple times, the show never gets old. The fans were expecting a reunion episode ever since 2004. Their dream came true when the lead casts announced the same. However, the shooting that was supposed to happen in Marched got pushed due to the pandemic.

What Is The Release Date Of Friends Reunion Episode?

Two of the lead cast Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer have given some ideas regarding the progress of the reunion episode. Lisa and David both suggested that the episode will be shot in August, provided the situation improves. As per David’s past account, the set from the 90s will be recreated. No detail will be left, and everything will be done to the dot. Fans can expect this as positive news.

Lisa, Courtney And Jennifer
Source: Glamour

What To Expect From Friends Reunion?

As per the reports, the reunion episode will be unscripted. The lead actors will come together for a candid episode. It will be the first time after the end of the series that the six leads come together for something. Before this, the six came together for a get together, which Jennifer Aniston posted as the first picture of her Instagram account.

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