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Jeremiah Chapman Faces Racist Slurs At A Baseball Game!

Jeremiah Chapman
Source: WHO13.com

Jeremiah Chapman Faces Racist Slurs At A Baseball Game!:Β Jeremiah Chapman,Β a 17-year-old teen faced racists chants at a basketball game in Charles city. While Chapman was on the field, several fans lashed out at him for being ‘a black.’

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Jeremiah moved from Chicago to Iowa with his mom Keisha Cunnings to live a life without the downsides of a city. However, Keisha thought that she and her black son would live safely, but to no avail!

Chapman Faces Racist Slurs

Racism reared its ugly face during a baseball match between Waverly- Shell Rock and Charles City. While on the field, many spectators started chanting racist things to him. They said:

“You should have been George Floyd. Go back to the fields. You are Colin.”

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Jeremiah Chapman in the frame
Source: Revolt

While speaking to the register after the match, Chapman said:

“That hurt, because why would you say that? You’re basically saying that you wish I was dead.”

While on the field, Chapman brushed off those chants and focused on his game. He added:

“I just ignore it. I’m trying to hurry up to get off the field. Get these three outs and get off the field. It was my teammate’s last game. I thought we were going to win. I thought, maybe you guys can talk to them after the game. I didn’t want that to be on my mind.”

Keisha Cunnings Reacts On The Incident

Keisha was out of the town with her husband when she got a text from Jeremiah reading- ‘Why are people so mean? What do we do to make people treat us so badly?’

When Cunnings returned and got to know about the whole fiasco, she was enraged by the bigotry. She said:

“It was handled the way Jeremiah wanted it to be handled at that moment. Jeremiah is not a huge attention person, but at the same time, Jeremiah is 17. He’s a child. He doesn’t have a choice.”

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Administration Speaks About The Incident

Luckily, Jeremiah’s teammates backed him up, and Charles City Community Schools issued a statement denouncing the bigots. It said:

“We feel compelled to speak out and bring light to the situations that routinely happened to our kids. Our students know we have their backs regardless of the circumstances and that we are fighting shoulder to shoulder with them to end oppression.”

On the other hand, Waverly- Shell Rock School District posted a statement of Facebook, accepting that the taunts are bigoted and unacceptable. They apologised to Chapman.

However, regardless of the movements and several people explaining that racism is an offence, some don’t understand and live their lives as bigots.

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