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Jeremy And Audrey Roloff: Fans Speculate Rough Patch In Jeremy And Audrey Roloff’s Marriage !

Jeremy And Audrey Roloff
Source: Instagram

Jeremy And Audrey Roloff’s Marriage

Little People, Big World is a very popular show on TLC. However, many children on Matt and Amy Roloff left the show and Jeremy was among the herd. He decided to join hands with his wife for new things. They share a daughter of 2 years, Ember and a 6-month-old boy, Bode. Jeremy and Audrey have used their marriage and love life to gain money. They started giving marriage advice through their blog β€˜Beating 50 percent’. They also wrote a book together about their love life with the title A Love Letter Life.

Jeremy And Audrey Roloff
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Jeremy And Audrey Roloff’s Love Letter Life

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s Love Letter Life was a huge success and people actually liked the book. However, many people think the couple is very young to give marriage and relationship advice to others. They have drawn a lot of flak for showing themselves as the perfect couple. Talking about the book, Audrey said, β€œWe deeply desired for it to become a resource that would impact, inspire, and ignite a generation of love stories that are creative, intentional, and faithful.”

All Not Well In Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s Marriage

Fans have aΒ  concern that the marriage between Jeremy and Audrey has hit a rough patch. This theory is based on the birthday of Audrey that happened a few days ago. Jeremy is usually very active on Instagram and posts a lot of stuff. Moreover, he does not shy away from posting about his wife and children. However, on Audrey’s birthday, Jeremy did not post anything. He did not even post a story for his wife which has created doubts among their fans.

Jeremy And Audrey Roloff
Source: Instagram

Audrey Roloff Posts About Her Birthday Celebration

Audrey posted a picture from her birthday celebration with her whole family including Jeremy. The post looked like everything was going smoothly and the rumors might be untrue. The caption of the post said, β€œI felt so encouraged and celebrated. Jeremy and I had so much on our first 24-hour date away from the kids since I had Bode! We went wine tasting in the Oregon wine country together for the first time.

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