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Jerry Falwell Jr. Ex-liberty University President Gets Accused for His Inappropriate Behavior by Larry Flynt

On Monday, Hustlers magazine publisher Larry Flynt slammed Jerry Falwell Jr., former Liberty University President.

Falwell Jr. resigned after posting a picture on social media of a young woman with her zipper undone. After this Giancarlo Granda who accused Falwell Jr. along with his wife Becki had a long-term affair with him. He further added that he and Becki would engage in sexual acts while Falwell Jr. looked on.

Flynt called out Falwell for his ‘gross hypocrisy’ and accusing him of spreading a “gospel of greed.”

Flynt called out Jerry not only for his recent personal scandals that included a Miami pool boy leading to his messy resignation from his post last week. But also for his unwavering alliance to President Donald Trump.Β Β 

Flynt wrote if any man could have lifted the orange buffoon over the hump in 2016.Β 

Flynt’s continued his criticism, faulting Falwell Jr. for assuring “his nervous flock that Trumps’ lives a life of loving and helping others as Jesus taught in the great commandment.”

He also called out Falwell Jr. for supporting Trump following the infamous Access Hollywood tape, where he joked about grabbing women’s private parts.Β 

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Flynt, famous for publishing the pornographic magazine, has never been shy about his feelings towards Trump.Β 

In 2017, he offered up to $10 million to anyone who could produce insides that would lead to Trump’s impeachment and removal from office.Β In 2016, he said he would give $1 million to anyone who could provide him with video or audio in which Trump is behaving in a sexually demeaning or illegal manner.Β 

Later in December 2018, Falwell continued to heap praise Trump and rationalized his actions.Β Flynt even had problems with Falwell Jr. father which started in the 1970s after he started Hustlers.

Jerry Falwell Sr., then the head of the Moral Majority Christian political group, sued Flynt for a parody in Hustler of a Campari ad that used the liqueur’s slogan: ‘You’ll never forget your first time. This parody featured Falwell Sr. talking about ‘his first time’ with his mother in a Virginia outhouse.Β 

The lawsuit lasted many years and had three decisions against Flynt in federal court. Even after this Flynt said Jerry Falwell Sr. and he became good friends later in life, Although this Falwell Sr. son didn’t have good relation with Flynt.

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