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Jerry Jones not in support of Jacob Blake and BLM? Know Detail, Check Here

Jerry Jones in disagreement with team Dallas Cowboys
Jerry Jones in disagreement with team Dallas Cowboys

As Justice for Jacob Blake is being demanded by every individual worldwide. The NFL’s Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is caught in a dispute with his team members regarding his team members decision of ‘kneeling during national anthem’ in an upcoming match as respect and sympathy for Jacob Blake.

Celebrities are being seen in support of Jacob Blake. The BLM (Black lives Matter) movement is being noticed vastly since the incident of George Floyds take place. Social inequality and racial inequality has taken over the world, and people residing wants to end. Let us get into the topic and see what dispute Jerry Jones in.

Jerry Jones in disagreement with team Dallas Cowboys?

Jerry Jones in disagreement with team Dallas Cowboys
Jerry Jones in disagreement with team Dallas Cowboys

Recently Jerry Jones owner of Dallas Cowboys made a statement regarding players demand to kneel in a match. Jerry needs players to co-ordinate and co-operate. Jerry further acknowledged the decision made in 2017. And tells, I knelt with our players, as you know, on a personal basis, But as a team, we all knelt together before the anthem, and then we stood for the anthem to recognize what its symbol is to America.

I thought that was good. Jones has been a good team owner and is seen respecting his team members decision. However, this time the change in his attitude has been seen and disagrees with his players.

Unity and strength among the team to get affected?

Jones believes, there might be locker room instability among team members because every person comes from a different background. Moreover, many new faces have been added up to the team. Therefore the decision of Jerry Jones can encourage fight and quarrel in the group.

Team members such as Earl Thomas, Gerald McCoy and Dontari Poe have shown disappointment over Jerry Jones for not speaking a word about justice for blacks and the racial inequality. Moreover, the players have reported their statement publically. The rest is up to Jerry Jones. However, if he wants to maintain a stable team, he has to think about his decision if not, he ultimately has to face the outcomes.

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