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Jessica Mulroney unfriend Meghan, Duchess of Sussex? Why did Jessica Mulroney deletes Meghan’s picture on Instargram? Check Here

Did Meghan Markel unfriend Jessica Mulroney?
Did Meghan Markel unfriend Jessica Mulroney?

The sisterhood and friendship bond between Jessica Mulroney and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, apparently is not that great. Initially, Jessica Mulroney was said to be Meghan’s best friend. Due to Jessicas comment over racism pointing Canadian influencer Sasha Exeter on her personality and body colour.

Meghan is avoiding her best friend since then as she doesn’t want to get into any controversy which affects her personal like and degrade her position in the royal family. The love of Meghan’s life prince Harry, Duke of Sussex is possessive towards her wife.

Meghan has the top image in society, and being involved under racist statements will degrade the image she built with hard work and efforts say sources. Moreover, due to Jessica Mulroney’s comment and the threat to Black influencer Sasha Exeter, Meghan’s name was dragged into the controversy.

Afterall there can be other direction of this whole story. Hence it is better to take an in-depth look through the article.

Everything about Jessica Mulroney and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

The former Hollywood actress Meghan Markle is a now a member of British royal family and a wife of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. She is a feminist and a kind, hearted person. In comparison, Jessica Mulroney is a Canadian fashion stylist and also a marketing consultant. Moreover, she appeared as a guest on tv show good morning America and cityline.

Did Meghan Markel unfriend Jessica Mulroney?
Did Meghan Markel unfriend Jessica Mulroney?

One statement made by Meghan Markel proves that the friendship between them is not over yet. Meghan and Jessica are not in touch as of now. in an interview Meghan was asked about Jessica, she stated “Jessica isn’t a racist, and I know her quite well, but the way she treated the black Canadian influencer was disheartening and rude. She further added ‘Jessica would not have done intending to hurt anyone, that just happened and we can only apologize.

Why did Jessica Mulroney delete the picture of Meghan Markel from Instagram?

Did Meghan Markel unfriend Jessica Mulroney?
Did Meghan Markel unfriend Jessica Mulroney?

Jessica Mulroney has been stressed and sad over the controversy she was dragged in. However, she realized the mistake and apologized to Sasha Exeter. The discussion was supposed to end there right itself, but it took a different turn.

She was made to quit the show Good Morning America and all her ongoing projects were kept t hold. Jessica has not been active over social media since the outburst of controversy and just a dack back she made her comeback and posted a picture of her best friend, Meghan Markle. Still, later she removed it and made her account private. However why she did such is a question mark for us too, although we will let you know if something comes in the news.

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