NCIS: Jessica Steen Says She Misses Working With Micheal Wetherly. Check it out now.
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Jessica Steen Says She Misses Working With Micheal Wetherly.

Jessica Steen Says She Misses Working With Micheal Wetherly.: NCIS has been one of the most famous American action fiction of all time. It has over 17 seasons. However, recently actress of the show Jessica Steen have been interviewed, and she talks about her experience with Michael Weatherly. Check it out now.

Jessicaโ€™s Experience At NCIS.

Jessica Steen recently interviewed, and according to the reports, she talks about the show. She mentions her experience with different cast members, especially Michael Weatherly. Talking about Steen she Steen played Paula Cassidy for about five years.


When she was asked about her experience on the show, she responds by saying that she had a lot of fun on the set. Her five years of experience in the group has been incredible, and she loved her tole as Paula Cassidy.



She was then asked the most awaited question of the time, her experience with Weatherly. She responds by says that working with Michael was one of her favourite part of the show.

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She says she loved the flirty and playful scenes the most. Jessica then gets a little emotional while sharing that she wishes to have more of it, and it’s the most precious days of her life. She misses it the most.


She was then asked if he thinks that Tony Paula cab ever is like Tony Ziva. To which she responds by saying that she sees the potential in the charters to get evolved and even do better. Soon after the interview was released, it broke the internet. Fans loved the interview, and they feel nostalgia with the same. What do you think about it?


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