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Jim Carrey Says, U.s. Faces “CATASTROPHE” Under Trumps Rule

Jim Carrey: The comedian’s heartfelt essay in The Atlantic just tried to persuade “snowflakes” to create a blizzard of votes “that no corrupt politician could survive”.

Jim Carrey said some boldest attack yet on President Donald Trump.Carrey penned down a flaming essay in The Atlantic that sounded like an alarm two months before the election.Carrey said in a post-Thursday, “The United States faces catastrophe.”

Jim Carrey

In ancient Greek. Catastrophe means ‘overturn’ or ‘a sudden turn’. That’s a word from my world- drama, and that is what we have been suffering.

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Jim pointed out the dirty work done by Donald Trump in his presidency period. The major city is suffering, starting from the service sectors to Black Americans, who have already faced brutality and wickedness. Black Americans are now enduring injustice and even death. There is no unity in the people of America.

After pointing and writing down the President’s misdeeds in the coronavirus pandemic and his Republican party’s ‘cruelty’ before the election that Trump is trying to ‘sabotage’.

In such a situation, Jim Carrey offered some hope.

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