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Jimmy Fallon Waiting For The BTS Boys To Greet Him With A Warm Hug

Jimmy Fallon

BTS On performance for Jimmy talk show

Jimmy Fallon

BTS gave their iconic performance on the Jimmy Fallon talk show, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. BTS was riding to New York for their NYC Subway interview. The latest BTS episodes start with the boys getting their hair, and makeup touched up.

Jimmy Fallon was waiting for the BTS member to give them the tightest hug. As Jin also open arms ready for the warmest hug of Jimmy. It was a heartwarming moment for the ARMY. RM embrace with the warmest hug from the talk show host Jimmy.

Behind the scene

Taking us to the behind scene, the members of BTS getting ready for the performance. As BTS member Jungkook, Jin, and RM sharing their feelings of nervousness about their show. V shares how all members are putting up their all efforts for their performance. On the other hand, Suga how BTS should five their good job.

Then Jimin mentioned the terminal that the Grand Central Terminal was massive. It seems to be a funny moment when Kookie was hiding inside the dressing room with the Golden Maknae. And pretending like playing peekaboo Hilo revealed such.

After all their practice of their, moves BTS walks to the show for their performance. They were welcomed by the cheerful dancers who hyped them up.

After the performance

The BTS member shared how they manage to stay in the US for almost a month. And that too is busy with all their promotions and practices. For them, it was a significant appearance as they said, Whatever it is, we always get through the job.

Hobie also concedes that all they prepared so hard only for their ARMY. At last, they end up with their ” Bangtan, Bangtan” sign off.

BTS also shares how this pandemic is dampening all their plan, which they are excited about. But at last, they also mentioned that 2020 would be their massive success year.



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