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Jio And Facebook: Mukesh Ambani And Mark Zuckerberg To Create New Application! Read More Here!

Jio and Facebook
the new collabration of Facebook with Jio.

Jio And Facebook: Overview

First and foremost, how many of you use WhatsApp? Everyone right? In addition to this, do you use any other application with exciting features like payments gaming, chatting, calling? If no, we have a great update for you. Mukesh Ambani and Mark Zuckerberg are in talks together to create a new application which can change the way Indians are chatting with one another. Yes, Jio and Facebook join hands in the new project.

Secondly, according to the Times report and various resources online, both companies are coming together.Β  Apart from this, both companies will look after technical knowledge, technical skills, investment, domains, and other required things.Β 

Jio and Facebook
Facebook partners with Jio on new application development.

Thirdly talks are going on to make a WeChat like application in India as soon as possible. Without any doubt, this application will be most exciting for Indians.Β 

Digital Payments And Games In Whatsapp

Firstly, let me tell you how many users are using WhatsApp right now. In addition to this, two billion people right now in the world are currently using WhatsApp. However, 400 million people are using WhatsApp in India.Β 

Both the companies are trying to build a multi running multi-tasking application which would support digital payments and gaming.Β 

Thirdly, as per the reports we have, a user can shop groceries, make payments through Reliance stores and Jio Money. However, we still do not know if this will be done in a separate application or in WhatsApp itself.Β 

Jio And Facebook
Mukesh Ambani And Mark Zuckerberg.Whatsapp

Facebook’s Investment In Jio

Firstly, Mark Zuckerburg is planning to invest about 10% in Reliance Jio. However, this information is still not clear whether it will be 10% or it will be more, or it will be less.Β 

As per the reports and sources on the internet, it seems that both companies might invest in a new company.Β  In addition to this, it is also possible that Facebook would invest in Reliance Jio. Facebook and Reliance have hired top lawyers and top Consultants to give them advice on how and when to invest.Β Β 

Last but not least, till then I request you guys to stay updated with us on this article for further more information.

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