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Joe Biden And Democrats Want The Economy To FALL! Or So Thinks Donald Trump!

Donald Trump Joe Biden
Source: BBC

Donald Trump Claims $1200 Stimulus Stalled By Joe Biden Led Democrats.

Joe Biden And Democrats Want The Economy To FALL! Or So Thinks Donald Trump!: Donald Trump is trying hard for a long time to get the second stimulus bill through the Senate. However, all his attempts have failed so far. In the recent turn of events, he denied meeting the Democrats as he feels the Democrats will not agree to anything no matter what. In his recent press conference, he said:

β€œThey don’t want to make a deal. I don’t have to meet with them in order to be turned down.”

The House of Representatives is having big arguments as Democrats are not conforming to the second stimulus and are suggesting specific changes.

Donald Trump Joe Biden
Source: BBC

Donald Trump Feels Joe Biden And Democrats Damaging Economy For Winning Elections

Donald Trump feels that Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrats are intentionally stalling the second stimulus check as they want to damage the economy for their excellent. He feels people will blame him for the falling economy, and people will turn towards Joe Biden during the upcoming elections.

So as per Trump, this is why Joe Biden is letting the economy fall. He said:

β€œThey think if the country does as badly as possible, even though a lot of people are being hurt, that’s good for the Democrats.”

Nancy Pelosi Criticizes Donald Trump And Republicans For Stimulus Package

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hit out at Donald Trump and his part and criticized that they don’t have any funds. She said:

β€œOn May 15, we passed the Heroes Act and it addresses a lot of the challenges that America’s working families face. We have funding to help people pay the rent. Republicans have zero funding for that, they have next to nothing for food security.”

Donald Trump Joe Biden

Nancy Pelosi Criticizes Donald Trump For Not Believing In Science

Nancy Pelosi also criticized Trump for the way he has gone around with coronavirus. She feels Trump has failed to walk hand in hand with science and governance. She said:

β€œWe must crush the virus. For some reason, because the president does not believe in science, does not accept science, does not believe in governance, [and] he doesn’t want to act upon the science, we’re in the situation that we’re in.”

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