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Joe Biden BEATS Donald Trump ! Biden Sets The Record By Raising A Whopping $300 Million For His Campaign In August !

Joe Biden
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Joe Biden Raises More Than $300 Million For His Campaign In August

Joe Biden BEATS Donald Trump: Running for election is a pretty expensive affair. Both Republicans and Democrats spend millions of dollars with the hope of gaining from it when the results are announced. The money is spent on various aspects like conducting convention and for marketing purposes. These are just a few of the expenses one has to bear for election. As per the latest source, Joe Biden and Democrats raised as much as $300 million for just the month of August which is a figure never heard of before.

Joe Biden Breaks The Record Set By Barack Obama

Joe Biden’s figure of $300 million is no short feat. He has managed to beat his President Obama who raised close to $193 million in a month for the 2008 election. This shows that for a previous record of $193 million, $300 million is a lot. This figure is more than the combined figure of what Trump and Hillary managed to collect in August 2016. Hillary got $143 million while Trump got just $90 million. This could indicate that either the hardcore Democrats are pouring out money for the election or Joe is getting overwhelming support from the people to win this year’s election.

Joe Biden Comes From Behind To Beat Donald Trump In August

The last month’s collections for Joe Biden were not as impressive when compared to Donald Trump. The Democrats managed to earn $140 million. However, it was not as good as the collection of Republicans as they got close to $165 million. This was a personal record for Trump and the Republicans. Moreover, Trump was also ahead of Joe in terms of the overall bank balance. Joe Biden used his fund smartly to give a subtle 2-minute ad campaign nationally on the final night of the Republican convention.

Joe Biden BEATS Donald Trump
Joe Biden BEATS Donald Trump

Donald Trump Gets The Better Of Joe Biden For Money Earned During Convention

Donald Trump managed to earn more donations than Joe Biden in their respective four-day conventions. Trump got close to $76 million which slightly better than the $70 million which Joe managed to earn during his convention.

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