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Joe Biden Gets Under The Nerves Of Donald Trump As He Overtakes Trump In Convention Viewership !

Biden and Trump
Source: WUSA

Joe Biden Beats Donald Trump In Viewership

The US Elections are still a bit far and you will have to wait as to who will win between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. However, there is one thing in which Joe has beaten Donald Trump. Last week, it was the Democrats who were ruling the television with the Democrats Convention. On the last day, Biden accepted the nomination and gave his speech. This week was the Republican convention which down in a similar fashion. However, Joe managed to get more people on the screen with his speech than Donald Trump.

How Many Views Did Donald Trump And Joe Biden Get On Their Speech

Donald Trump’s speech at the convention got close to 23.8 million views which were spread across 13 networks. However, Joe Biden managed to take an edge in this race with 24.6 million views. It is interesting to note that Joe’s speech was covered in 12 networks, one less than Trump. Even after that, he managed to get more views for his speech. However, this might not give any clue regarding the race to become the President of the US. However, it surely gives a psychological edge to the winning person.

Joe Biden Gets Under The Skin Of Donald Trump

Both conventions were not a one-day affair. It lasted for four days with Trump and Biden accepting their nominations from respective parties. On almost all days, the democratic convention won more views than the Republican convention. This might give a big psychological edge to the Democrats who are looking confident to win the election. Joe Biden even taunted Trump with a tweet who gives a lot of weight to viewership. He tweeted, β€œI always forget, does @realDonaldTrump care about his television ratings? Or is that not something he cares about? Like, do you think it’ll trigger him that @JoeBiden’s speech got way bigger ratings than he did?”

Joe and Donald
Source: WSJ

Donald Trump Counters Joe Biden With Streaming Views

Donald Trump countered Biden by claiming that the Republican convention got more views in online streaming. He tweeted, β€œHow does the Fake News not include Online Streaming Numbers where Republicans blow the Dem Numbers away?”


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