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Joe Biden Has A $3 trillion Stimulus Package With A Plan To ‘Build Back Better’ ! But Is It Any Good?

Joe Biden
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Is A Second Stimulus On The Way For Americans Before The November Elections

The election date is very close and the race is getting fierce as Donald Trump and Joe Biden are fighting it out every single day. With the coronavirus pandemic, the style of the campaign has changed a bit but the intensity hasn’t. However, Americans are concerned if they will get some money into their account as a part of a second stimulus package. However, it seems very unlikely that a second package will make it into your bank accounts before the elections. The main reason is that the members of Congress are not able to take a consensual decision regarding this.

What Has Joe Biden In Store For A Second Stimulus Package

Since Donald Trump is the President, people know what he is proposing in his stimulus package. However, for those who are wondering what Biden has in store, here is a rough idea. Joe Biden plans to go ahead with a $3 trillion stimulus package. He calls it the ‘Build Back Better’ plan. If everything goes in the favor of Biden, then people can expect the package to pass through the Houses by January 2021. If not, then a March stimulus looks possible.

What Is The ‘Build Back Better’ Plan By Joe Biden

The ‘Build Back Better’ plan is a risky experiment from Joe Biden to revive the American economy back to normalcy. The risk is worth it because nothing seems to be working at this point. In this economic stimulus, Biden is giving importance to a lot of aspects. His prime focus is on generating employment and building infrastructure. Moreover, he has also given importance to certain niche aspects like reducing child care costs for working people. However, the plan is not limited to these aspects alone.

Joe Biden
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Is Joe Biden A Better Option Than Donald Trump For Economic Revival

Donald Trump has now proved in the end that he did not have the skills to cope with something like corona and its impact. However, Joe Biden is not seeing a depression for the first time. When Obama became the President, America was going through a very big depression and Biden was the Vice-President. Together they brought back the economy from that hole. So, Biden clearly has better knowledge.

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