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Joe Biden: Have A Look At Why People Think Biden And Kamala Harris Make The Best Team!

Look like Biden-Harris are winning hearts in America. According to a recent survey, 80% of Indian American want Biden to win. Voting has been started almost a month back. However, the US presidential election is in the first week of November. Check out everything you need to know.

Biden And Harris Make The Best Team?

Joe Biden is the US senator who is currently the Democratic challenger and candidate for the presidential race. He is fighting against her Donald Trump. Kamala Harris is the running mate for the vice president who stood for Biden.


Biden-Harris are getting immense about of love and support pre-elections. Since many of the none whites in America have faced trouble in America in Trump’s presidential race, on the other hand, most of the none white are praying for Biden to win.

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The reason behind is the fact that Kamala Harris, who has been a senator of an America for years is Half Indian. Kamala Harris’s mother belonged from Tamil Nadu situated in India. At the same time, his dad was half black and half white, which makes her less racist than the other who is in the presidential race.


This makes Kamala the first women to colour to be the Vice President of America if Biden-Harris wins. Their win will benefit the none whites as well. Especially the Indians. Which makes it more probably why the majority of the people are supporting them.


However, since the time election started many polls and survey have been done with the majority of them being in Biden-Harris favour. Fans from all around the world can’t stop but praise their equations as leaders. People think they make the best team and have a good understanding. What do you think about it?

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