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Joe Biden To Visit Jacob Blake’s Family In Kenosha As Wisconsin Slips From Donald Trump’s Hands !

Joe Biden and Donald Trump
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Joe Biden To Visit Jacob Blake’s Family Kenosha, Wisconsin

Joe Biden is all set to make a visit to Kenosha after things in Kenosha heated up to violent protest. The reason behind all this is the shooting on Jacob Blake by the police. Joe is going to visit the family of Jacob Blake and swing voters to his favor. He stated his purpose of the visit and said, “Because what we want to do is, we gotta heal. We gotta put things together and bring people together. My purpose in going will be to do just that, to be a positive influence on what’s going on.”

Joe Biden
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Joe Biden States His Plan Regarding Kenosha, Wisconsin

Joe Biden wants to ensure that the people of Kenosha feel safe. At this point, people are agitated with the police force and are not ready to stop anytime soon. He said, “This is about making sure that we move forward. I’ve gotten advice from sitting members of the Congress and the Senate, as well, to go. … I’m not going to meetings with community leaders, as well as business people and other folks in law enforcement, and start to talk about what has to be done.”

Why Is Kenosha, Wisconsin Important For Joe Biden

Wisconsin is a state that has a rather dicey situation. In 2016, Trump had the final laugh as he managed to pin the Republican flag on the state. However, with the Black Lives Matter protest, things look more or less balanced. Now this visit from Joe can play a significant role In swinging the state to his favor. If Joe manages to win Wisconsin, this visit might prove to be a masterstroke.

Visit By Joe Biden Draws Contrast From That Of Donald Trump

Just two days ago, Donald Trump made a visit to Kenosha. However, the purpose of the visit to Joe and Trump are completely opposite. Donald Trump went to Kenosha where he praised the police force and called out the protesters for being violent. However, Joe Biden will make the visit to stand by the protesters and give support to the Jacob Blake family.

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