Joe Biden: Vice President Biden has been a strong supporter of the arts! But the Committee Seems Unclear!

Joe Biden Supporting The Subject Of Art
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The Results Of Election 2020 is yet to Disclose. However, the Election has not been completed yet, and the Official Announcements Will Be Made Soon. Well, Talking on the Topic that is Often Misheard Or Ignored By Many Countries Governments. Art plays an Important Role As it depicts the creation of States, Countries, Culture, and preferences. Why is Art Being Ignored?

There would be hardly some Countries and Continents That Focuses On Arts. Culture Too plays an Important Role Too. What Are Your Views On the leadership Of Donald Trump and Joe Biden? However, The Current President Of USA Shows Less Interest In Art. Whereas Joe Biden Expresses More Importance On The Subject Of Arts. Hence Let Us Move Ahead with the Topic and Learn more about the Most-ignored Topic In World But Most-Talked Topic During The 2020 Presidential Election.

Joe Biden Supporting The Subject Of Art

Joe Biden Supporting The Subject Of Art
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Joe Biden has an Official Website named “joebiden.com” Where he Posts his Views and Opinion On Various Issues and Topics. Moreover, Biden Expressed his opinion and ideology regarding The Kashmir Issue In India. He stated that If He gets elected as the President Of the USA, he Will take strict Actions against the same. Coming Back to the Point as per sources, Biden has Big Plans and Opportunity For The Artist from all Backgrounds. As a result, a Fundraising Event is being held for the Biden Victory Fund in a movement to help Democrats heading into Election Day.

Official Statement From the Joe Biden Website

“This fundraising work has been arranged in cooperation with national and global art centers, including artists, gallerists, art collectors, and industry experts who share Biden’s vision for America and have helped protect widespread support and participation,” explained a report from the Artists for Biden website.

A spokesperson In Word With Hyperallergic Said, “During his career, Vice President Biden has been a strong supporter of the arts. Vice President Biden knows investing in the arts is critical for job creation. And he is committed to promoting and supporting the arts in schools as well as diversity. And the richness of ideas that keep the art world alive.”

Donald Trump Asking For Dollars

Joe Biden Supporting The Subject Of Art
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As per Trump’s 2021 budget proposed in February, The Current President Of the USA demanded $30 million and $33.4. The Reason Behind the request is that Trump wants to shutter the NEA(National Education Association) and NEH (National Endowment for the Humanities). Moreover, The need for money is to lock the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Shocking but True The President Of the USA is also Planning to discontinue arts-education programs in the Education Department budget.

Joe Biden’s Arts Policy Committee Is Unclear

The Committee Co-chair Members Of The Biden’s Art Policy is Not Sure Regarding the Moment. Whereas the Committee Consists Of 4 Members, Megan Beyer, Henry MuΓ±oz, George Stevens Jr., Alfre Woodard. Megan Carroll Beyer is an American reporter, activist, and life-long advocate of women’s rights and gender matters. In comparison, Henry R. MuΓ±oz III is a nationally recognized choice on behalf of the Latino community. And an award-winning designer. George Cooper Stevens Jr. is an American writer, author, playwright, and director.

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