Check Out Joe Biden’s Win Can Benefit The Asian countries! Have a look at it again.
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Joe Biden’s Win Can Benefit The Asian Countries!

During Trump’s presidential rule in the USA, many non-American countries suffered a lot. Countries like Africa, India, China we’re not allocated more than 7% migration per county. So this year people are hoping of Joe Biden wins he may turn the tables. Check out everything you need to know.


Donald Trump has been the president of America for almost four years and is running again this year. He is representing the Republican party whereas Joe Biden is the other opponent fight for the Democrats.

How Can Joe Biden Help The Non-Whites

The none- whites and other countries like India, and other Asian countries are expecting and hoping for Biden to win sinceΒ Biden is running with Kamala Harris. The latter is representing for the vice president.


For those who don’t know Kamala Harris is half Indian half African and American. So if the democratic party wins, it can be a win-win situation for the blacks and browns as well.

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Thousands of highly skilled Indiana transfer to America every year. However, due to the recent reforms by Trump, people are suffering a lot to get the green card. It can also be allocated only 7 per cent per country immigration. It has been an adamant time for Indians who live in America.


The Indians below the poverty line in America have suffered the most. With many still struggling to get the green card or the citizenship of their country. With Biden in the presidential chair, it is a significant benefit for the blacks and browns. Kamala Harris has been very vocal and has fought for the justice of the non-whites for year’s now. What do you think about it?


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