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Joe Rogan Has A Strong Message For His Fans

Source: Essentially Sports

Joe Rogan Sends A Strong Message To His Fans

Joe Rogan Has A Strong Message For His Fans:Β  “Clean Your F**king Act Up!” says Joe Rogan.

Source: Essentially Sports

Joe Rogan has been taking part in Sober October for the past three years. Sadly, considering the world’s current situation, it will not be easy for the comedian and the podcast host to keep up with the tradition. Even a global pandemic, however, does not stop the UFC commentator from doing what he puts his mind to.

In the task, Rogan has never been alone. His friends and fellow podcast hosts, Bert Kreischer, Ari Shaffir, and Tom Segura, accompanied him. His colleagues, however, bailed him out after the increasingly unusual circumstances that emerged in the region. Rogan was on the fence, meanwhile, about what to do about this year’s challenge.

Finally, Rogan seems to have made his mind about taking up this year’s challenge as well. He posted a lengthy message on Instagram letting all his fans know that in the Sober October challenge, he’ll be standing tall with them.

Message For His Fans!

Source: Sports Grind Entertainment

The veteran UFC commentator said:

β€œSober October update. I know many of you were upset that we were not doing sober October this year. Well, I’m in. I’m with ya. I texted Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer. They were both like β€˜Oh! F**k that we’re getting drunk. It’s too crazy this year. The pandemic. Ooo the President is dying. Ooh, the purge’. Excuses! Ari Shaffir didn’t even respond. He’s probably on drugs. He’s probably doing acid right now, laughing at this video.”

He has a strong message for his fans too.

Well, you don’t have to. Let’s do it. The whole month, let’s stay sober. I’m drinking nothing but coffee and water, and I’m gonna work out every day. Not pot. No mushrooms. Nothing crazy. Just coffee and water and exercise. Come along with me. Clean your f**king act up. Get some positive momentum. Sober October. It’s on kids.

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