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Joe Russo Badly Trolls Hollywood Stars, Says Nobody Likes Paul Rudd!

Joe Russo Trolls Hollywood stars
source: Livestly

The Well-recognized Director and Producer Joe Russo Trolled cast members from the movies he directed. However, the task wasn’t carried out intentionally; it was just a fun task. You would die out of laughter while you watch the entire clip. The way he Trolled every star was terrific, and we must appreciate his skills and ask him to be a Standup comedian too. Joe Russo is a fun-loving man and never fails to direct Masterpieces and entertain his audience. Hence let us move ahead with the topic and learn more about it.

Joe Russo Trolls Hollywood stars

Joe Russo Trolls Hollywood stars
source: Zimbio

The Marvel series’s director and producer released a video where he is trolling his crewmates from the marvel film series. The Skilled director’s sarcasm level was hitting the sky as he talked about the person. Well, he never did it intentionally. It was a task Trash talk, which is a football fantasy charity league. As a result, the money won by him would go for a good cause and be transferred to the charity. As a result, the video was posted on AGBO’s YouTube account. Moreover, AGBO is the film and television production company owned by the Russo Brothers.

Whom Did Joe Russo Roast?

Joe Russo Trolls Hollywood stars
source: Little Village

Director-producer personality started off saying’ the actors im about to troll has zero knowledge about football as they come from places like New Zealand and Canada. Whereas Russo Roasted Karen is speaking, “Karen Gillen, I’ve never understood a word that has come out of your mouth. I have to nod my head and smile politely, he added.”


While he trolled Chris Hemsworth by saying he’s one of that kid who wins a child’s Football game. Whereas Robert Downey, Jr. has been on some other planet since 1965. Fans burst out of laughter when Russo mentioned Chris Evans. He said Chris is a person who runs his fan page and Keeps Himself in fake limelight. Paul Rudd might have a huge fan base, But Russo says that nobody likes Paul Rudd as he trolled him.

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