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Joe Russo Roasts Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr And Others!

Yes, we are again talking about some of your favourite celebrities. But this time not about their iconic show or their style but how they got trashed by Joe Russo. In his recent video, he roasted his fellow marvel members. The video is the compete with other stars to win the charity. He has trashed his closest friends and the most famous Hollywood stars most sarcastically and funnily. However, you can’t control it since the cause noble. Check out everything you need to know about it.

Joe Russo Bad Mouths About Marvel Stars

One of the famous Russo brothers, Joe Russo, uploaded a video on the internet for the charity. In the video, he had bad-mouthed about his marvel friends. He is competing with other Marvel Cinematic Universe stars in the fantasy football league. For the competition, he had made one of the funniest videos. And if he wins, the prize money will be donated to charity. The video has gotten the attention of many and has frozen the internet. Fans seem to love it more than anything.


And if you think it’s just Joe who has trashed talked to win the competition for charity than you are wrong. Chris Hemsworth, Rudd and many others have done the same. All these stars have roasted one another badly to win the competition. The stars have shared their few minutes video on their social media handle, and that has gone viral in less than 24 hours. Every marvel star has individually roasted their fellow marvel members, and fans are loving it like anything.

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Joe Russo is one of the Russo brothers who are the American directors. They are known to direct the best Hollywood films, mainly the marvel series. The Russo brothers directed the last two marvel series. Talking about their movies, they have produced memorable Hollywood hits like Capitan America, Avengers Infinity War, Happy ending and many more. And in most, if his marvel movies Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr have played a significant role and got immense love and fame by the audience after their performance in the film

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In the start of the video, we can see Β Tom Holland, Karen Gillan, Paul Rudd, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr and others. The visuals of the stars are from your favourite marvel movies. We can even see Ryan Reynolds from the dead pool. And soon after we can see the visuals, he has simultaneously roasted all the marvel icons. Joe Russa burns tom holland by saying he is just another harry potter trying to make sense.


Whereas he then talks about Robert Downey Jr by saying that he has been on another planet since 1965. And what he later says about Chris Evans has amazed everyone. He roasts him by saying that how does that guy even has the time to run an only fans page. Like he is out of business for years. The video that Joe has made is insane, and fans can’t do anything but laugh the funny jokes he has made.


The video was shared through AGBO’s YouTube account. However, clips of the video have gone viral nearly on every social media you could ever imagine. And if you see Chris Hemsworth’s video, he has said the others in the competition that they are such. And you won’t believe, but his β€˜you suck’ comment has gone viral. What do you think about it?

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