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Joe Swash Worried Son Harry Might Be Jealous of His Marriage and Stacey Solomon’s Kids

Joe Swash: After Joe’s romance with Stacy bloomed, he moved in with her and her sons Zachary, twelve and Leighton, eight.

Recently, Joe admitted that he was concerned that his son Harry, might get upset about him staying with Stacey. As Stacey’s son can be with him but his own son cannot. And after he and Stacey welcomed their son Rex, his fears have just grown.

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Joe Swash
Joe Swash

Joe and ex Emma Sophocleous are still fighting in court for their thirteen-year-old son’s custody.

Joe says it’s a tricky blended family and well accustomed with one another. But with my ex-wife, things weren’t going quite well. We always had to go to court and stuffs like that. So, I was never able to spend good time with my son Harry.

Even after all this, Harry has been very supportive and had to do a lot to adapt to their circumstance. He feels sorry for Harry as he had to face all these in such a young age.

Joe said, “With Harry and me, it was tricky with his mum.” He added, “Me and Hal, we’re in each other’s lives on a daily basis now. We talk to each other every day, we see each other every couple of days, he only lives 20 minutes away from me and at the beginning, maybe even five years ago, it’s completely different to what it is now.”


Stacey, when she was pregnant with baby Rex, expressed concerned if their sons will be upset that they didn’t get to live with their own father, like their baby brother.

She once even confessed guilty about having kids with different dads. Adding to that list everyone, closed or not had opinions about my situation. She even told that she did feel the pressure.

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