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Joey King Opens Up About Working With Ex-Boyfriend Jacob Elordi For Kissing Booth Sequel !

Joey King
Source: Cosmopolitan

Joey King And The Kissing Booth Franchise

You might know Joey King from many movies and TV series. However, there is no other movie that has expanded the brand name of Joey like the Kissing Booth. The movie was a teen romantic comedy movie that came out on Netflix in 2018. The series connected with the teenagers and Joey became really popular. This year, the sequel to the movie also came out taking forward the success of the second franchise. Moreover, Joey is the executive producer of the movie besides being one of the leads of the movie.

Joey King
Source: Cosmopolitan

Joey King And Jacob Elordi Relationship

Joey and Jacob play the lead characters of the Kissing Booth franchise. The two had polar experiences while shooting the first and the second part. The two started dating while they started shooting for the first part. However, things didn’t work out eventually and they broke-up after one year of dating. When the sequel to the film was made official, fans were wondering if the two characters will be there for the second part. The dynamics obviously had changed between then for the second part as they were ex-couples by now and fans were wondering how that might have felt.

Joey King Opens Up On Working With Jacob Elordi In Kissing Booth 2

Joey King recently gave an interview for Cosmopolitan. She obviously came across the question of working with her ex-boyfriend. She did not hesitate in answering the question and admitted that it was tough to share screen space with someone she used to love. Joey said, β€œNo one’s thinking to themselves, That was easy because it wasn’t. I’m sure people will analyze every movement and every detail. And you know what? Let them. But at the end of the day, I was just thrilled to be Elle Evans again.”

Source: Cosmopolitan

Joey King Will Do Anything For Elle Evans

For Joey, she decided to act with Jordi for her character Elle Evans. She did not have any second thoughts as it was for a character that has brought her success and love. She said, β€œElle Evans needs her Noah Flynn, and whatever that means for my personal life, I’ll do anything to make sure the story of my character who I care about so much is complete.”


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