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Joey King Talks About 2020, Mental Health And Much More As She Makes It To The Cover Page Of Cosmopolitan !

Joey King
Source: Cosmopolitan

2020 Is A Piece Of Shit For Joey King

Joey King is mesmerizing her fans as she takes the cover space for Cosmopolitan. However, like every other person, she is also sulking about 2020. The coronavirus pandemic has given everyone the hiccup that no one was expecting. Joey is no different who feels 2020 sucks and is a piece of shit. In her latest interview with Cosmopolitan, she reveals many things including her take on 2020. She said in the interview, β€œ2020 is a piece of shit. And I know it’s silly to hope that everything’s beautiful by September because it won’t be. So I’m hoping that there’s hope. That’s more realistic.”

Joey King
Source: Cosmopolitan

Joey King Talks About Her Mental Health

Joey is very open about mental health. She gave her take that a person should be proactive about their mental health. She feels one shouldn’t be selfish after getting depressed. However, she admitted that she herself finds it difficult to practice what she preaches. While further talking about it, she said,

β€œWhen it comes to taking care of yourself, there is a certain level of selfishness you have to have, but it’s hard. I haven’t found that balance yet. Because I in no way, shape, or form want to make any conversation that I start right now about me.”

Joey King Talks About Her Contribution To Black Lives Matter

For Joey, the Black Lives Matter movement has come as a big eye-opener. She is has a huge fan following and is using it for the right purpose. Joey is posting much stuff about the movement and the fight against racism in the US. She further says,

β€œLike every white person who enters, we are guests. This is not an issue we have to make about ourselves. We don’t get to make it about ourselves.”

Joey King
Source: Cosmopolitan

Joey King Gives Her Secret Of Dealing With Failure

Joey is very self-aware about failures and she talks and motivates herself every time she fails in something. She has already had enough to get a hang of it.

β€œI have to tell myself that if it doesn’t go my way, I can pick myself back up,” she said. β€œAnd I won’t cry for too long.”

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