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John Elway: Denver Broncos Are Leaning Towards The Defense As Offense Grows!

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John Elway Denver Broncos Are Leaning Towards The Defense As Offense Grows!: 2020 NFL season is coming, and we can’t contain our excitement. Furthermore, in this season, we’ll get to see a modified training camp for all teams, including Denver Broncos.

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While speaking with John Elway, the General Manager of Denver Broncos, he revealed that the Broncos are looking to get on the defensive side rather than offensive.

The Zoom Meeting

On Tuesday, the front office met via a Zoom call to discuss football. While talking, the President of Football Operations and John Elway came up with some good outcomes for Drew Lock, the star player and the offence.

While talking about this years NFL, Elway said:

“Yeah, they’re tempered. I don’t think we can expect with no offseason for us to come out and be hitting on cylinders. I know we’ve spent a lot of time on Zoom meetings with Pat (Offensive coordinator) and his staff on the offensive side have spent a lot of time with it, but there’s nothing like being on the practice field.”

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Elway spoke about Drew, their best quarterback. He said:

“The expectations of Drew, I mean, he did play well for five games, but that was only five games last year. He didn’t have the offseason this year, which for young footballers is always very, very important. I know he spent a lot of time throwing to the receivers and getting the timing and doing what they could do away from the facility.”

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The Defensive Side

Another key thing to remember is that the Broncos have a very young core on offence and are practising with a new offensive coordinator, Pat Shurmur. So, it’s safe to say that the Broncos will be lowkey on offence this year and focus more on defence.

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Elway continued:

“If you look on the defensive side, for the most part, with the players and veterans we’ve added to the defensive side, with the veterans that have been there with another year of understanding, we’ve defence. We’re going to have to lean on the defence. We have veterans on the defensive side that we can rely on as we grow as an offence. That’s the hope.”

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Defence Wins

Not only the key for this years season is to focus on defence, but also win. The offensive side is a work in progress so the team will have good and bad games. But, they have to keep consistency in their games.

I wouldn’t lie that its exciting for the Broncos to take charge after a four-year drought at the Super Bowl. Nevertheless, let us know if you think Broncos should win this year!

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