John Elway: The Broncos Roster Cuts Coming Soon


There is no doubt about the fact that COVID-19 has messed up many plans, ours and yours. And guess that of the Broncos as well.

As per the latest news update, the Broncos roster cuts are on the way. They might cut ten players before their COVID-19 testing which will be on Tuesday.

NFL has recently sent a memo to the 32 teams. According to 9NEWS, which obtained one of these memos. They contained amendments about conducting training camp with coronavirus safeguards.

It’s a requirement for all the teams, for freeing up social distancing, that they cut their rosters from 90 to 80 players.

They have to do this either before reporting for coronavirus testing on Tuesday or the day before their full-pad practice begins, on August 16.

The Broncos roster cuts

John Elway

If they wait till August 16 to do this, then they will have to split the 90 players into two different groups. These two groups can not be at the camp facility of the team simultaneously.

The first of the two groups would have rookies, veteran players healing from injuries, first-year players and some quarterbacks. The second group would only have some quarterbacks and veteran players.

John Elway, the Broncos general manager and Vic Fangio, the head coach will make their decision on the roster cut by Monday morning.

It’s most likely that they will finish this by Tuesday because some important players would otherwise be split into different groups.

Important information from the memo

Broncos’ all the four preseason games have been officially cancelled.

From August 17, there are going to be only 14 padded practices. The first one of the 14 padded practices will be 90 minutes long. Following this, each subsequent practice will have an additional 15 minutes until they finish 2:30 hours maximum in fifth practice.

If this year’s training camp is going to be similar to the last year’s, then final ten padded practices will have 2:30 hours session.

Broncos players will have to take seven days off the training camp since they would open on a Monday night.

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