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John Legend Is Yet To Talk About Black Lives Matter With Kids And Gives The Reason For Not Doing It Until Now!

John Legend
Source: Instagram

John Legend Is Yet To Talk To His Kids About Black Lives Matter

John Legend is an active supporter of the Black Lives Movement. The movement is gaining prominence with each day and is still in the headlines. John himself is a black American and understand the racism prevalent in the country. However, he is yet to talk to his two children on this issue. He said:

β€œIt’s difficult because at some point you have to have conversations with the kids about what it means to be who they are, to have brown skin and to come from the ancestry they do.”

John Legend
Source: Instagram

John Legend Feels It Is Early For His Kids To Understand Black Lives Matter

John Legend’s kids are under five years of age. Explaining the death of George Floyd and the entire incident might not be the best idea. They may take it up in the wrong way or might not understand it completely. Moreover, they may even get scared or traumatized. It is also the reason why John is yet to talk to his kids about it. He said:

β€œIt’s a little early for both of them to know all the details about what’s going on with police brutality.”

John Legend Talks To His Kids About Racism

John does have talks with his kids regarding skin colour. He makes them understand that their skin colour is as beautiful as any other person. So his idea is never to let them know that the world treats black and white people differently. He said:

β€œAt this point, we only talk about their race and try to make them believe they’re valuable and worthy, and that their skin and hair is beautiful the way it is.”

John Legend
Source: The Theatre at Grand Prairie

John Talks About The Feeling Of Becoming A Father

John Legend revealed that his perception changed when he became a father after the birth of his first child Luna. He said:

β€œIt gives you a sense of purpose greater than yourself. You can help influence the next generation and they can make the world a better place.”

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