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John Mayer Was In A Throuple With Scheana Shay And Stacie Adams Post Breakup With Jennifer Aniston !

John Mayer
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Scheana Shay Reveals About Her Throuple With John Mayer

Scheana Shay has made some startling statements about her love life. Recently, she revealed that she and her roommate Stacie Adams were in a throuple with John Mayer. She revealed that she met John when he was with Jennifer Aniston and then their throuple began after their breakup. She first met John at Grand Havana Room where she was working for a party organized by John himself. Shay ended up drinking with him and Jennifer. However, after his breakup, John started hanging out with Shay and Stacie. Soon the hanging out turned into a friendship and then eventually into a throuple.

Scheana Shay
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Scheana Shay Had Regular Threesome With John Mayer And Stacie Adams

Shay was very open about discussing her throuple with John. Speaking about this, she said, β€œThis went on for about six months, that we hung out. We would go to his house… It just became, you know, kind of the three of us. We had a little throuple going on. But then there was, like, me and another her. Everyone always had attention.”Β  When asked if it was a sexual relationship between the three of them, Shay did not shy away from saying yes.

Scheana Shay Reveals Why She Turned Her Back To The Throuple With John Mayer

Scheana revealed that everything was going great but Adams started getting more attention and she was jealous and uncomfortable about it. So she cut herself loose from the relationship and walked away from it. She said, β€œI definitely got a little jealous towards the end of it because I knew he liked her more. And I was like, ‘Wait, I brought you into this, like and now you’re getting more attention than I’m getting, like what’s up with that?” Adams was Shays’ bridesmaid when she got married for the first time.

John Mayer
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Scheana Shays Relationship With John Mayer And Stacie Adams Has Soured Over Time

Scheana revealed that after her breakup from the relationship, she could not revive the friendship she had with Stacie who was her very close friend. Shays said, β€œAnd then even after he and I stopped talking, they continued talking, and there were like a lot of things β€” like her and I had like a year of just awkward friendship falling out, but then came full circle a year later and … have never been closer.”

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