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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard’s Divorce: Latest Update

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp in the frame
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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard’s Divorce: Latest Update: Johnny Depp andΒ Amber Heard’s divorce has made the news since 2017. The controversies that followed the divorce provoked sensationalism. The 57-year-old got married to Amber, a 34-year-old in 2015.

Their two-year marriage created lots of differences and tiffs between them. Honestly, their divorce was ugly. Both of them blamed each other for violent tendencies and domestic violence.

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However, the officials don’t have proper details about those two years they spent together. Anyway, let’s get into the details of the ‘juicy lead’ we have!

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard’s Divorce: Latest Update

Depp and Heard have spent two years after their divorce in suing each other. Both of them have sued each other for the violence. Depp even sued a newspaper that claimed him as a ‘wife-beater’.

Yesterday, a trail happened in the London High Court where an incident popped up. Well, this is a bit funny. Sources say that Johnny decided to get a divorce from Amber after he found a ‘poo’ on his bed. What?

Yes, that’s right Depp claims that he, Amber and a few friends celebrated Amber’s birthday and partied all night. In the morning, when Depp woke up, he saw, what seemed like a ‘human faeces’ in his bed. At first, he thought it was his dog’s poo but, later realised that one of Amber’s friend did this as a prank.

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An Innocent Prank?

In opening arguments, Depp’s legal team said,

“Depp who in the end was forced to finally call time on this relationship, largely after the behaviour of her and her friends following her birthday party in their flat in April 2016. That includes on of them defecating on his (Johnny’s) bed, something that Ms Amber blames on their tiny dog.”

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard in the frame
Source: The Mercury News

In Depp’s witness statement, Johnny told that Amber told their building manager that the poo incident was a “harmless prank.”

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Depp vs Heard

Depp and Heard’s divorce has been hectic as the duo does not seem to agree on anything. Amber claims that Depp hit her, and Depp claims that Amber did. Earlier this year, a 911 call resurfaced where the caller told the officials that he heard noises from their (Depp & Heard’s) house in LA.

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This call came as a piece of new evidence in their feud. What’s interesting is that Heard’s lawyers claim the same time when Depp got angry and threw a phone on her face. The officials even told that he ripped out chunks of her hair.

Honestly, this seems a bit scary. We, however, don’t know what exactly happened between the two of them. But, their legal feud seems to be stretching with coming days!


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