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Johnny Depp Can’t Stop Gushing About Angelina Jolie, Calls Her A Walking Poem!

Johnny Depp Can't Stop Gushing about Angelina Jolie, Calls Her A Walking Poem!
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Johnny Depp Can’t Stop Gushing About Angelina Jolie, Calls Her A Walking Poem!: Johnny Depp can’t get over gushing about Angelina Jolie. Although they have never dated each other, Depp misses no chance to compliment Jolie.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean actor feels that Angelina is like “a walking poem.” Jolie also says only good and kind words about Depp.

Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp Were Never Introduced Properly Before Their Film “The Tourist”

Both of them are brilliant actors and have a huge fan following. However, they were never appropriately introduced before signing “The Tourist” film. It was released in 2010. Jolie played the love interest of Dep in the movie. Although the film got an inadequate response from critics, they become excellent friends at the set.

During the film promotion, Johnny Depp mentioned that meeting Angelina was a breathless moment. He even dropped his jaw, which let us know how thrilled he felt after interacting with her for the 1st time.

Depp And Angelina Share A Lot Of Likes And Dislikes

The two shared an incredible bond on set. Birds of a feather flock together go well with their beautiful friendship story. They share a lot of likes and dislikes. Depp also said that they had natural chemistry.

Depp still has only good things to say about her co-star. “She’s a walking poem, Angelina,” said Johnny Depp in his recent statement.

He further added, “But at the same time, very deep, very smart, very quick, very clever, and very funny. Angelina also has a very perverse sense of humour. Yeah, she’s great fun.”

The Duo Friendship Is One Of The Strongest In Hollywood

He then called her an enchantress and an astonishingly beautiful cultured vixen. Jolie finds Depp an amazing and generous actor.

They have a lot of respect for each other. Also, it seems pretty evident that their friendship is one of the strongest in Hollywood.

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