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Johnny Depp Gets $10 Million For One Scene In ‘The Fantastic Beasts’

The recent news of famous Actor Johnny Depp getting removed from ‘The Fantastic Beasts’ has hit the fans hard. However, according to the reports, even when Johnny Depp was asked to resign after he lost the libel case, he was paid full promised amount USD 10 million. By the time Johnny Depp was asked to resign he had shot just one scene and still was paid millions. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Recently Johnny Depp took to the Instagram to make an important announcement that he has been asked to resign from ‘The Fantastic Beasts’ amid his loss of the libel case. It was a very heartbreaking moment for Depp and his millions of fans. He confirmed he won’t be acting with the Warner Bros anytime soon as they asked him to leave the movie. However, Depp even after facing his worst defeat is earning $10 million for just one scene and that makes fans very happy.

Johnny Depp Earns $10 Million

According to the Hollywood portal, the 57-year-old iconic star shot just one scene and the shoot was paused amid Covid 19 pandemic. The shoot was to be resumed soon. But before it possibly could, he was asked to resign. However, the Warner Bros didn’t fall from their commitment and paid him the entire promised money he was to be given for the movie. Depp earned $10 million for just one scene.


In the first week of November, the judge from the UK’s high court confirmed the win of ‘The Sun’. Who called Johnny Depp the wife-beater after his divorce with Amber Heard. The judge claimed that all the allegations against Depp are true and that he was an abusive man and hence, he losses the libel battle. That he put up against ‘The Son’.


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The Loss

His loss wasn’t just a normal defeat it came with a lot of consequences. From many fellow celebrities bad-mouthing about it to falling off the hard build reputation to now losing the work. It was been a really tough time for Depp. However, he didn’t fail to disappoint his fans. He came forward on Instagram and expressed whatever he felt at the moment.


He uploaded a picture with texts written. It said that he is thankful for each and everyone who supported him in the journey throughout. Depp further adds that he has been asked to resign ‘The Fantastic Beasts’ by the Warner Bros. And it is because he lost the libel case. He says that he respects their decision no matter what. However, Depp confirms that all the allegations against him are false and that he will continue to tell the truth no matter what.


Meanwhile talking about the project he lost, he had a small yet very interesting role in ‘The Fantastic Beasts’. It was to be released in January 2022. And fans were very excited to see Johnny Depp. The Crimes of Grindelwald’. It was also reported that Depp was about to enjoy equal screen time as lead actors Eddie and Jude the third film. However, fans are very happy that Depp received what he deserves. What do you think about it?

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