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Johnny Depp Has A New Case ‘Multi-Million Dollar’ Case Against Amber Heard ! Amber Heard Ready For Round Two !

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
Source: The Mirror

Johnny Depp To File A New Case Against Amber Heard

Johnny Depp is not tired of fighting against her ex-wife Amber Heard. After fighting and ending their marriage, they dragged their divorce to court in what turned out as an ugly affair. The two again locked horns when they fought each other at the court in the UK. Now the latest report suggests that Johnny is again going to drag Amber Heard to court. This would be the third instance when the two are legally standing against each other. Their life is turning out to be more dramatic than their movies.

Johnny Depp’s New Case Against Amber Heard To Be A Multi-Million Dollar Affair

Johnny Depp is going to press a multi-million dollar case against his ex-wife. This would turn out as a repeat of their recent case where both accused each other of domestic violence. However, Johnny Dep is surely not tired of visiting the court as he comes with a new case even before the end of the previous one. Moreover, sources close to Amber say that she is not going to give up as well and is well ready for whatever Johnny has to offer.

Why Is Johnny Depp Pressing A New Case Against Amber Heard

Johnny Depp is charging a case against Amber for an article she wrote for some media tabloid. In the article, she calls herself β€˜a public figure representing domestic abuse.’ This is obviously directed at Johnny Depp. However, he denies these allegations completely. If you look at it, it is similar to the previous case where β€˜The Sun’ called him a β€˜wife-beater’ and he dragged them to court on a defamation case. The same witnesses and confessions are expected to go down if this case gets going.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp
Source: The Mirror

Meanwhile, Amber Heard Is Enjoying Her Time In Turkey

While Johnny Depp is preparing to file a case, Amber Heard is enjoying her vacation in Turkey. The actor gives regular updates of her time in Turkey. On one of her pictures of her visit to a mosque in Turkey, the actor faced a lot of backlash for her dress. Many felt it was not appropriate for going to a mosque.

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