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Johnny Depp Loses The $50 Million Defamation Case. Amber Heard Celebrates Victory.

What in the world did anybody saw this coming? Johnny Depp officially lost the libel case which called him the β€˜wife bearer’. All the allegations against him proved to be true. Yesterday Depp was supposed to visit Virginia where the final decisions against the libel case was to be taken. And Amber Heard won the first biggest case she put against his ex husband Johnny Depp right after the divorce. Check out everything you need to know about it.

The Final Hearing

Famous Hollywood star and icon Johnny Depp on Monday lost his defamation libel case against ex wife Amber Heard. Amber claimed a lawsuit against Depp few years back for domestic violence. Back then she claimed that Depp is a β€˜wife beater’. She claimed that she used to assault her sexually and physically. There have been time where he even gave her threats to damage her physically. It was the most controversial case of the time. Since Amber mentioned way too much details about her marriage and it’s failure.


Amber Heard and Johnny Depp first met in 2011 after which they fell in love and started dating. Things were pretty good for both of them until they tied knot in 2015. Soon after they got married both of them started facing a lot of trouble. Initially it was that the two were not able to give each other anytime due to work. But right after they divorced each other 2016, Amber put a lawsuit against his ex husband for domestic violence.

Amber Heard And Johnny Depp

Amber and Johnny probably had one of the most controversial relationships of all time. Heard in several interviews mentioned that her ex husband was very violent towards her. He even used to assault her when she wore anything revealing. Things got so much out of hand that Johnny even said β€˜I want to watch you get raped’.

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However, Depp had a completely different side of the story. He says that he has never been violent towards his ex wife. In fact, Amber was the one who caused all the trouble in the marriage. Firstly by cheating on him with billionaires and then being violent. That time Amber’s voice recording was leaked where she admitted that she was also violent in the relationship. We could hear her say β€˜yes I know, I hit him with pans and pots, he can’t get away this time’.


Soon after, Depp claimed a $50 million lawsuit against Amber for defamation. He claimed that he was never violent in the relationship. All this is done to tarnish his image socially. Drop even claimed that her ex-wife was a gold digger and was with him only to use him. And she ended up tarnishing his image.


However, on 2nd November, Depp was supposed to visit the courtroom for the final decision for the first libel lawsuit. Even after his several explanations, the case was dismissed with Depp losing. The Judge claimed that all the allegations against him are true and he did hit his ex-wife. Nicol, the judge rejected Depp’s characterisation of Heard as a gold-digger and his allegation that her claims were a hoax.


Talking about Amber Heard she way away from all the drama enjoying her life. And her Instagram is proof of it. She was seen enjoying the victory happily. What do you think about it?

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