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Johnny Depp’s Take On The Loss Against ‘The Son’ Libel Case.

This a bad news for Johnny Depp’s fan Johnny Depp on Monday officially lost the libel case against ‘The Son’. In 2018, the ‘The Son’ in its newspaper called Johnny Depp as the wife beater. The British court bashed him by saying that all the allegations against him were true. And saved up ‘The Son’. Soon after Johnny Depp sued the son. And on 2nd November is was the final trial. However, Depp seems to not agree with it. Check out everything you need to know about it.

The Libel Case

It all started in 2018 when a tabloid called ‘The Sun’ accused Johnny Depp of domestic violence and called him a wife-beater. He then sued the tabloid. And Amber Heard seem to agree with the tabloid as she put a law suit against her ex wife for domestic violence. She even claimed that Depp used to give her death threats and use to assault her sexually.


The Son is a famous Newspaper group that is famous to give all the scandalous news on the headlines. The group in 2018, put up an article in its newspaper calling Johnny Depp the wife beater. The article went viral faster then anything and got noticed by Depp himself. He then sued the entire group along with the owner for libel case.


A lot of accusations have come out since then from both the sides. However, many people did believe the tabloid since Depp didn’t had the best impression especially with his ex wife. However on Monday it was the final hearing. And the decision was not taken in Johnny’s favour. And his entire team seems to be upset enough to accept it yet and claims that the decision is flawed.

Johnny The Wife Beater?

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp first met in 2011 after which they started dating. They were in a relationship for several years after which the two got married in 2015. However, things started to take a different turn soon after the two got married. And the two decided to part their ways in 2016. Initially, a lot of rumours were made about why they got separated.

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It was even claimed that the two couldn’t give enough time to each other due to work and hence failed to keep up things for one another. However, soon after Amber Heard sued Depp for domestic violence in late 2017, things got pretty clear. According to Amber, Depp used to physically abuse and assault her. Their fights use to get so dirty at a point that Depp has even sexually assaulted her by saying things such as ‘I want to see you get raped’.


However, this news was circulated all over the world when a famous group of newspapers, The Son published a similar news. The newspaper called Johnny Depp ‘Wife Bearer’ it claimed several things at the point where fans got confused. And if you think Depp was way to busy to check of the bad side then you are wrong. Soon after he noticed the news he used the entire newspaper and the owner of the newspaper.


Depp is not here for it. He and his team has take the matter forward and claimed that the decision is flawed. And it seems like many people are standing for him. What do you think about it?

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