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Johnny vs Amber: Amber’s Sister Is A Crucial Witness!

Amber Heard
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Johnny vs Amber: Amber’s Sister Is A Crucial Witness!:Β Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s divorce is easily the messiest in the industry. With allegations rising, their libel trial suffered all sorts of drama.

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Not a long ago, in week three of Johnny and Amber’s libel trial, Amber’s sister- Whitney, came down to the London court to testify against Depp.

The Crucial Witness!

Amber’s sister Whitney was a crucial witness as she testified that she witnessed Depp hit Amber multiple times during an alleged incident in their Los Angeles’ apartment.

Amber Heard in the frame
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Whitney also denied that Heard ever hit or assaulted Depp and that she was frightened for her sister. However, her testimony got undermined when Depp’s legal team held out a video featuring Whitney. The unused video from a reality show in 2007 showed Whitney by the pool with a group of women out of which, one said:

“Did you get in a fight or something? I can’t believe Amber beat your ass.”

To this, Whitney denied and said that her friends made a big deal of her ‘verbal’ fight with Amber.

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Is Whitney Heard Lying?

Recently, Whitney’s former employee Jennifer Howell gave a contradicting statement against Heard. Howell said that Whitney told her that Heard was extremely violent and couldn’t understand why Depp was putting up with Amber’s abuse.

Howell said:

“Whitney testified about a violent incident in 2015. Whitney said that she had to go live with her employer, where she had to sleep on the floor. I am that employer. This is not what I was told to be true. Whitney came to live in the guest room, not the floor. Whitney told me she tried to stop Amber from attacking Johnny. She said when she tried to intervene, Amber nearly pushed Whitney down the stairs. She told me she was worried Amber was going to try to kill Johnny.”

However, when asked about this statement, yesterday, Whitney said:

“This is complete fiction. Jennifer Howell’s statements do not bear any relationship to the truth, and I have no idea why she’s saying this.”

Heard Feard Depp

Over their trials, Heard testified that Depp threatened to kill her. She said:

“Depp explicitly threatened to kill me many times, especially later in our relationship.”

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp
via Fort Worth Business Press

She even mentioned that she blamed his actions on a ‘self-created third party’ that she referred to as ‘the monster.’ Heard claimed that she loved Depp but was ‘terrified of the monster.’

During their testimony, Whitney agreed that Depp abused Heard physically and verbally after being in contact with drug and alcohol-fueled rages. Moreover, Heard feared that one day Depp would kill her.

Amid all this, one question that concerns me is, is Whitney trying to save her sister by siding with the abuser or was Johnny indeed a wife-beater?


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