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Johnny Was Extremely Possessive And Toxic, Says Amber Heard’s Sister In Court !

Amber Heard's Sister
Source: The Guardian

Amber Heard’s Sister Talks About Johnny’s Possessiveness

Johnny Depp’s case against The Sun is taking many interesting turns. The whole hearing looks like an overdramatic Hollywood movie. This week, Amber Heard got the chance to present her side of the story. Amber’s sister reportedly made it public in court that Johnny was a very possessive person which made him a very toxic person in the relationship. Amber’s sister Whitney Henriquez said, “He really didn’t like her working and this got worse the longer they were together … Johnny was incredibly jealous and possessive.”

Amber Heard's Sister
Source: The Guardian

Amber Heard Was Full Of Bruises And Burns

Amber’s sister made many more shocking claims about how Johnny was always physically abusive. She defended her sister and made it clear from her side that Johnny would often lose his cool and Amber had to bear the brunt of it. She said, “I saw that her face was swollen and she had a mark under her eye. I had my suspicions before, but it was clear to me that she had been hit. She admitted to me that he had hit her, but at that time she was constantly blaming herself”

Johnny’s Drug Abuse The Reason Behind Toxic Relationship

Many things came out in the open along with Johnny’s alcohol addiction and drug abuse. Amber said that she had to sometimes film Johnny’s erratic behaviour under the influence of drugs to show him what he was once he became sober. As per Amber, Johnny had no control over himself when he did drugs and alcohol. Amber’s sister said, “He would talk about blacking out, but he could also convince himself about how things went down and you couldn’t convince him otherwise. Amber sometimes recorded conversations with Johnny to be able to show him when he was sober what actually happened.”

Johnny Amber Heard
Source: The Guardian

Amber Heard’s Sister Talks About Johnny Punching Amber

Whitney Henriquez revealed an incident which she saw herself. She couldn’t believe Johnny could be this abusive. As per her account, Johnny grabber Amber by her hair and gave her some real hard punches with the other hand. The incident took place on the staircase of LA penthouses.

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